talking metal

By paul


Of Romain de Souza, I know almost nothing. But what I know or rather what I saw pleases me so much that I'm going to take this big leap into the unknown and talk to you about him without further ado. Romain is a sculptor, he works in Villejuif in his workshop and he mainly handles polished brass. Why polished? Because brass is nicer polished. And let's not forget that if you're not pretty, at least be polite. Short.

Romain sculpts brass with the strength of his torch, which he hesitated to call Laurent, but in the end, no. That's pretty much all I know about Romain de Souza. I learned that he was a graduate of the Ecole Boule and that he has been developing his talent since adolescence. For me, it's the hairs. For the rest, I will have to embroider.


Romain is a craftsman of metal, he twists it, bends it to his liking to bring out sublime forms of legs, hands or animals of extreme lightness. From craftsman to artist, there is only a "year" and a "te" difference, you will agree, but there is also all the quality of Romain's work which deserves our attention.


To say that he masters the form is a sinecure when you see his work. Gesture, sensation, ephemeral movement, these are the great qualities of Romain de Souza's work. He suspends time, lightens the material to make it fluid, almost evanescent as if gravity were no longer current. It makes us want to caress these cold, disembodied and yet so alive legs, to follow the curves of these hands to join them at the unknown point towards which they converge. You will understand, I love. Promised Romain, as soon as I open my gallery, you will be invited. It's not for today, I just checked and I only won 2 euro 30 in the EuroMillion, which is a bit short to start. But I believe in it.